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3-tier Baby Pink Kuma Sponge Cake Candle (MTO)

3-tier Baby Pink Kuma Sponge Cake Candle (MTO)

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• Made-to-order

• Add any color requests to cart note, otherwise the default color is pastel pink <3

About The Signature Scents:


Sakura Ramune scent

* The sweet candy scent of Ramune soda mixed with the pleasant floral aroma of cherry blossoms.

*Ramune is a Japanese soda that comes in a glass bottle and contains a marble. It smells like cotton candy and is very popular with children!


Yuzu Candy scent

* The scent of fresh yuzu fruit mixed with the sweetness of candy.


*Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit that looks a lot like a lemon. Some say it’s like a mix of lemon, grapefruit and orange —perfect for citrus lovers!


Adzuki Taiyaki scent

* The aroma of warm adzuki taiyaki.


*Adzuki taiyaki is a Japanese dessert with a waffle-like, bready outside and adzuki bean (red bean) paste inside. It’s shaped like a fish, which makes it interesting to look at, and nowadays you can even find taiyaki acting as a cone for soft-serve ice cream!


Soy & paraffin wax blend


  • Please note that exposure to UV light can cause yellowing and/or fading in soy candles. Avoid putting your candles in direct sunlight to keep them in the best condition.

Burning Instructions

Before You Burn

  • Since cake candles have no container, always place a plate underneath before lighting to avoid a mess!

Burn Time

  • Medium and jumbo cake candles can burn for 2 - 6 hours!
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