About The Owner (Me!)

Hello! My name is Rei and I’m a half-Japanese girl who loves both America and Japan as my home countries. I’m 23-years-old and currently living in the US, but I return to Japan every year for a few months to visit my family and hang out with friends. If I spend too long in one country, I always end up missing the other one and get homesick.😭

Why I Started

If you’ve been to Tokyo or seen social media posts of big cities in Japan, you might’ve seen taiyaki and other types of fun street food. I’ve been to Harajuku many times since I was 12 year old, and there’s always so much delicious food to try in Shibuya including kawaii-themed parfaits and milkshakes.

Cute parfaits are commonly served at trendy Japanese cafes and have things like Sanrio characters and other adorable designs on top. Parfaits are one of my favorite things to order when I'm in Japan, so when I saw online candlemakers whipping their wax into whipped cream on top of candles, I had to try it myself!

A problem I ran into is that I couldn’t find candles scented like Japanese street food, and even plain scents that I purchased like yuzu simply did not smell like yuzu!? I ordered a matcha candle once, but it smelled like maple syrup and instantly gave me a headache. I was so disappointed.

So, I decided to work with a fragrance manufacturer to create completely new scents that I couldn’t find anywhere! Right now, I only have three: Adzuki Taiyaki, Yuzu Candy, and Sakura Ramune, but if my business grows, I’d love to make even more fragrances for my candles inspired by Japanese desserts!

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope we can enjoy the kawaii lifestyle together!

A Few Favorites <3