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Kawaii Star-shaped Wax Melts

Kawaii Star-shaped Wax Melts

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• Choose your preferred shape, color, and scent below!

• If the color you want is not listed, please select the “other” option and write your color in the cart note at checkout. Pretty much any color is possible!

• NOTE: All colors will be pastel by default unless you write “bold color” in the cart note <3

• Each bag comes with 12 - 15 melts (as some shapes are larger than others) but all bags weigh the same and contain the same amount of wax/fragrance, so don’t worry!


Soy & paraffin wax blend


The following measurements are approximate and will vary based the mold used for the wax melt.



Burning Instructions

  • Remove any packaging and place a wax melt into your wax melter to enjoy the aroma!
  • One wax melt should smell fragrant for approximately 12 - 18 hours! Use a new wax melt when the previous one stops releasing an aroma.

  • Note: Please always follow the instructions that came with whichever wax melter device you are using.
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